Designer: Dan Scanlon

Location: Arnold, MD
phone: 757-656-9636
fax: 410-647-1429

All Logan's Closet products are typically special order items, taking a minimum of three months to create. Build time can be very extensive depending on materials availability in the market, as we try to only supply the best made product from the best made materials. So if your are not a patient person, please realize this before placing an order.
This is an extremely small niche company, hoping to bring the best "made in the USA" products to market when possible. The costs being what they are in producing these products here, require any cancelled standard orders incur a 20% fee, and any cancelled custom orders incur a 40% fee.

A big thank you to all our customers...hopefully as we grow we can bring more of the best products to all, and at a pace to keep up with the fans of our work.

Dan "Theman"